Kevin Roy

Everyone loves a good story. Winnipeg alt-country troubadour, Kevin Roy, shares his songs as if telling a story for the first time over morning coffee. He delivers poignant folk ballads, wry wit toe-tappers, and barn-burners with the right balance of aw-shucks honesty and unbridled enthusiasm.

Working a day gig never made sense for Kevin Roy. Upon the release his 2014 debut, Taller Than The Trees, he left the stability of his high school teaching gig for a life on the road. Swapping in students wielding knives, saws and implements of destruction in the high school wood shop for more attentive audiences in North American bars and theatres, Roy hasn't looked back.

Now, he's released his latest collection, the Kickstarter-goal surpassing Heartworn Highways, to his country and roots rock-loving backers, and anyone else interested in pulling up a chair and listening to some genuine, good ol' storytelling songs.

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"Taller than the Trees pairs nicely with a warm cup of tea and a heavy knit sweater. Just listen to "Two Rivers" and I am sure two minutes in you'll realize you already subconsciously began boiling your water."

- Paige Kreutzwieser, The Carillon