Raine Hamilton

Resonant, acoustic folk with an other-worldly edge, and a lyric presence that cuts deep.

Raine is part prairie songstress, part storyweaver; Each song has a story, delivered between songs with humour and grace. Expect to laugh, expect to cry. Also, she’s probably shorter than you’re imagining, so expect that, too.

Raine invites her love of the violin into the singer-songwriter genre, writing for violin and voice, as well as for guitar and voice. Joined by cello and upright bass, expect string arrangements that push and pull, that move as they console.

For booking and general inquiries contact teresa@into-the-woods.ca or visit www.rainehamilton.com

For a list of upcoming tour dates visit www.rainehamilton.com/shows

“As the Artistic Director of the Live From The Rock Folk and Blues Festival I must say Raine Hamilton was, in a star-studded cast of famous players, the most remarkable and remarked upon performer who graced our stages last weekend.  ps. She's great with kids.”

- Jennifer Ives, AD of Live From the Rock Folk and Blues Festival

“Raine Hamilton is an artist to keep your eye on.  Her trajectory up into skilled artist and humorous raconteur has been swift and awe inspiring.  Raine's professionalism - combined with a purity of voice and solid playing - makes her a good bet for any show.”  

- Heather Bishop, Artist, Order of Canada